Aderu is a remarkable brand belonging to Hong Kong Aderu Accessories Co,Ltd.It stems from France,known as a land of romance and fashion.Morris Dupont,its originator,born in Hong Kong in 1958,has been engaged in the industry of crystal accessories for three decades. As a result,he boasts of state-of-the-art crystal cutting techniques and manufacturing craftsmanship. This French brand,named after his paternal grandmother who has French nationality,appeared in Hong Kong during the early1980s.As an imaginative belle of wits,she used to be a skilled designer of crystal accessories.Her crystal works are characterized by their glistening display with poetic elements,arousing both delight and mystery.And it is this quality of hers that has never failde to impress Morris Dupont and that has eventually brought him together with the current business of his own.

At present,Aderu products mainly include flat back hotfix stones.They have twelve facets and can be fixed using German low-temperature glue at temperatures ranging from 150℃ to 170℃ within 15s~20s.They come in 37 single colours and 13 coating colours with different specifications(SS4,SS6,SS8,SS10.SS12,SS16,SS20,SS30).